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My YouTube Channel contains short films that shift our perspective of reality. After my "Miniature Victoria" video went viral, I was featured on CTV News' Sawatsky Sign-Off.

News Article

Nature / Conservation

The following videos were made for Habitat Acquisition Trust and Coexisting with Carnivores. I recorded and edited all of the content.

Tech and Science

I'm a Digital Marketing Specialist in Motivus, a tech start-up located in Chile. My work consists mainly on creating audiovisual content as well as SEO blog articles for our Marketing Strategy.


The following SEO blog articles I wrote have played a key role in the Chilean travel company, Denomades, being one of the highest ranked pages on Google. Articles written in Spanish, with thumbnail image titles translated into English.

The following videos I filmed, edited, and posted have received over 1 million views, 10K likes and 14K shares. Videos are in Spanish.

Companies I've Worked For

About Myself

Welcome to my portfolio! Here you will see a selection of content I have created for various clients in areas like Nature Conservatio, Tourism and Tech. I have experience increasing the digital relevance of companies by strengthening their social media presence and creating search engine optimized content, resulting in dramatic business growth. Some of my success stories include:

Increasing businesses´ organic digital presence, with one client seeing 30% of all sales realized without any advertising costsReaching millions of people through social media postsGrowing followers to 400K across a client's social media accountsWriting and managing a travel blog with over 7,000 daily views

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